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Hello, Dino here

I am current owner of the Traditum jewelry craft which I have inherited from my parents.
My father started to design and create jewelry in his teenage and has continued doing this for nearly 50 years along with my mother.

Same as with the jewelry for which We were rewarded with an “Authentically Croatian” certificate,  our former “brick-and mortar” jewelry shops were also handmade. They were custom-designed by my father, and hand-built by my family.

Our two shops were located in Dubrovnik old town, and a small istrian town called Grožnjan. Dubrovnik shop was open for 15 years before it was closed two years ago.

Due to its location inside of the old building with preserved stone arches, and custom-designed interior, Dubrovnik shop was one of the most uniquely-designed shops in the old town.

On the two collage photos which I would like to share with you, you can see the initial state of the interior which was no more than bare walls.

However, shopping habits have changed and online-shopping has taken-over the habit of shopping in small physical shops.
So We have decided to build our online-presence and offer our jewelry creations through our WebShop as well as on the online-marketplaces which specializes in handmade items such as Etsy.

Thank you for reading this and with best regards from Croatia

Building of Dubronvik shop
Groznjan Shop/Gallery


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